The Globe Theatre is a centennial theatre located in the heart of The Broadway Downtown Theatre District.  It is the oldest functioning theatre in the district and has the title of the First Legitimate Broadway Theatre.  Many do not know this but Broadway Theatre began here in Los Angeles before Manhattan New York!

  •  25,000 square feet of unique spaces with capacities from 1,000 to 200 on three levels
  • Easy load in for all production from our alley access.  No ramps or stairs
  • Perfect film location with complete separate looks from an Alley in New York, Raw underground basement space to a three level baroque centennial theatre dating back to 1913. No steps from curbside to the main stage allowing smooth camera rolling from outdoors inside the theatre.
  • Sublevel greenroom with private stair to stage left, private restroom, VIP Lounge and Presidential Balcony

Catering, DJs, Live band, artists, acrobats, cameramen, photographers and more…

The sound


The best sound system is now at THE GLOBE THEATRE !

« Every once in a while something comes along that takes your breath away. Pure Groove Systems deliver a bone shaking sound of pure clarity that seemed to wrap itself around the crowd on the dance floor. This is a system DJ`s will want to play on and clubbers will want to dance to. »

John Digweed
Dj & Producer

Impressive sound from a relatively small array. Clarity and power are both excellent. No distortion detected at high amplification settings. A big DJ Mag thumbs up goes out to the Pure Groove sound system. Excellent and quite unique technology that exceeds our expectations over the course of the weekend. »

Rating 8.8/10
Dj Mag

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