The Globe Theatre is a centennial Theatre located in the heart of the Broadway Downtown Theatre District. It is the oldest functioning Theatre in the district and has the title of the first legitimate Broadway Theatre. Since 1913, The Globe Theatre has welcomed celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, just to name a few…

  • Over 27.000 Square feet of unique spaces with capacities from 200 to 1000 on three levels with a total capacity of 1722.
  • Easy load in for all production from our alley access. No ramps or stairs
  • Perfect film location with complete separate looks from an alley in New York, Raw Underground basement space to a three level baroque centennial Theatre dating back to 1913. No steps from curbside to then main stage allowing smooth camera rolling from outdoors inside the Theatre.
  • Sublevel greenroom with private stair to stage left, private restroom, VIP Lounge and Presidential Balcony.
  • Hi Speed Wireless Internet

We are a full service performance venue offering a variety of in house services to include: Catering, DJ’s, Live Bands, Artists, Acrobats, Cameramen, Photographers and more…

General Information: (213) 489-1667 / Event Bookings: Preston Gaspar (323) 909-6226


Nothing but the best

Void Acoustic Sound System


The Globe Theatre is the first performance venue in South California equipped with the world famous Void Acoustic Sound System.

The Lights

The latest technologies to enhance the baroque architecture of the Globe Theatre with GTD.

Globe Theatre GTD Lighting
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